AIM Compensation Plan

AIM Compensation Plan

After a thorough analysis and research of your health and physical condition and also of your needs, I’ll be able to compose a detailed day-to-day programme of exercises
with the number of hours to spend on required body areas. With this plan you’ll be able to do your exercises effectively even without personal trainer’s supervision.

Paring Bonus

Receive Cash Bonus


Life Time Discount

24/7 Office

Online Internet Back Office

Types of Compensation Plan

Direct Sponsoring
Match Sales Bonus
Uni Level Bonus
Stair Step Bonus
Royalty Bonus

Marketing Plans



On all Products
  • Lifetime Discount on all Product
Direct Sponsoring


Per Package Sold
  • Earn $11 per package sold to new Distributors
  • 10 Global package sold: $110
  • 15 Global Package sold $165
Match Sales Bonus


Gross Income Per Day
  • Two sales for of Left & Right
  • Get $33 per match sales
  • Match sales = 1200pts + 1200pts
Uni Level Bonus

5% each

5% on Direct Downlin & Placement
  • Special Feature: Dynamic Compress
  • Help you earn bonus on all levels.
  • Help you grow even when downlines are inactive
Stair Step Bonus

Earn by Title Rank

Group Sales Accumulation
  • No Time Frame
  • No Reversion or Demotion
  • No Pass-Up
Royalty Bonus


From Global Ambassadors
  • 2% from all ambassador in your group to 5th Level.

* Depending on requirements prices may change. For more details call 0782 578 8634 or Send Request

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