On my way to a ministration yesterday, I drove through a route and I saw OLAJUMOKE. You remember that Olajumoke? I mean that Olajumoke, the bread seller turned model. I saw her yesterday. If you are in Lagos ,you must have noticed some bill boards erected here and there with the pictures of some people ,mostly celebraties in the music and film industry, and other great personality in celebrating Lagos at 50.

I have been seeing this boards here and there with those faces we know. But one caught my attention yestarday. I saw Olajumoke Orisaguna, that bread seller turned model on a bill board and this inscription “Lagos, my success story” was written on it.
As I drove pass that bill board, many thoughts ran through my head.

Many of those faces on other bill boards are people who have been in their various field for years and they worked tiredlessly before ascending the stage of stardom. But this Olajumoke, from ‘no where’ was picked on the street where she was selling bread. She was polished, and now she sits with the nobles.
I am not here to debate whether it was right for her to be selected as part of those people whose faces are showing on those Lagos @ 50 boards. That is not my focus this morning. I am only saying, when God decides to turn to you, then it will be your turn and the whole word will turn their faces to you to celebrate you.
One thing I know from her story is the fact that, she was selling bread! She was not idle! That day she ‘stumbled’ on that opportunity that birthed a global celebration for her, she was at her duty post! She was selling bread!!

Friends, don’t be discouraged with your own ‘bread selling’.
Sell it! Hawk it! Sell it with all your strength. Sell it with optimism. Sell it with dignity and focus. Hawk it everywhere. You will not continue in the sun forever. One day is coming and it is closer than you imagine, a destiny helper and lifter like T.Y Bello will see you where you are selling this ‘bread’ and before you know it, your gift will become your lift in life. You too will sit among the nobles. You will be listed on the honour roll of who’s who. I saw Olajumoke yestarday. I saw her this morning too on Wikipedia. It further confirms the word of God that says, ‘The Lord makes poor, and makes rich: He bringeth low and lifted up: He RAISES up the poor out of the DUST, and lifted up the beggar from the dunghill, to set them among the princes, and to make them inherit the throne of glory: for the pillars of the earth are the Lord’s and he has set the world upon them’. (1 Samuel 2:6-7).

My message to you this week is, keep ‘selling your bread’. Don’t stop selling it. The sun in which you walk to ‘sell’ it might be so hot, keep selling it! It will not be long, your face too shall be seen every where in that elevated position God is taking you to. You too will get to the High Table of Life where men of success and outstanding accomplishment sit. Be encouraged to forge ahead. I saw Olajumoke yestarday, you might be the one I will see ‘tomorrow’. I hope this encourage someone reading.

Thanks for reading.

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